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Who We Are. Online Collaboration is what we do. Seeing magic happen is what we love.

For the past 7 years, Citadel Rock has helped companies, governments and organizations build relationships, share ideas, and enhance communication through online communities that influence and inspire.

Our team of Strategy Experts, Technology Gurus and Online Community Managers allow us to work with you throughout the lifecycle of your project. This unique approach eliminates the potential failure points typically created when projects get handed off between service providers.

Our Keys to Success

We establish clear objectives

Establishing clear objectives while building and maintaining strategic alignment with all key stakeholders throughout the project.

Mastering technology

We utilize powerful Open Source technologies allowing us to customize your community while paying special attention to both business and technical concerns.

Building effective teams

Successful online communities rely on successful teams. We will help you build and train a team that will unlock your community's full potential.

Excelling at understanding the data

Through social networking analysis and powerful analytics, we help you better understand how to engage your users and empower your leaders.

Simply put, we are:

  • Enablers of teamwork
  • Proponents of culture change
  • Collaboration coaches

Executive Team. We Lead! You Succeed!

Nelson Ko Managing Partner
Committed to the awareness of the benefits that Online Communities can bring to organizations of all shapes and sizes.
Pascal St-Jean Managing Partner - Director, Business Development
Dedicated to the success of our customers and building strong relationships with our partners.

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We Establish Clear Objectives

Ideas don't grow alone. This is why Citadel Rock is committed to empowering our customers through building online communities that exhibit ongoing growth and increased involvement. Some examples include:

  • Customer Communities
  • Industry, Social or Political Groups
  • Research or Scientific Communities

We all know that online communities can be a powerful engagement tool but too many times they fail due to the simple fact that cracks and failures emerge throughout the project lifecycle.

  • Strategy is important but can it be implemented?
  • Cool features look great but are they really what your users need?
  • You have a fixed budget for the implementation but do you know how to calculate the total cost of ownership of your community?

These questions can only be answered by people who understand the entire lifecycle of an online community. Citadel Rock helps their customers achieve their goals and implement successful communities thanks to our years of experience and proven end-to-end services model.

Mastering Technology

One of the best demonstrations of the power of an online community is open source software. Through peer collaboration and the exchange of ideas, knowledge and skills, open source projects have become market leaders in their respective sectors. Think of Linux dominating web servers or Android-powered smart phones roaming the globe.

This is why we work with open source software when deploying solutions for our customers. This flexibility allows us to customize the solution to fit any strategy. Its lower cost also allows our customers to focus their budget on long-term growth and ensures that the proper people are in place to manage their community.

As part of our long-term commitment to open source, we immerse ourselves into the projects we work with and always stay up to date on their evolution. Combining our strategic and technical knowledge of open source with our understanding of your online community, we can be there every step of the way to help you maximize all that open source has to offer:

  • Provide expert advice on when and which version to upgrade to depending on the needs of your organization
  • Upgrade your software to take advantage of new features and enhancements
  • Maintain your custom features through each upgrade
  • Long term strategic consulting based on future development plans in conjunction with your project's long term goals

Building Effective Teams

Community management involves having a strategy for ongoing facilitation and outreach. Depending on the nature of the community, there may already be existing channels that can be leveraged, such as:

  • Knowledge Manager
  • Training Consultant
  • Customer Evangelist
  • PR and Marketing

But many times, the most unlikely candidate may turn out to be the best:

  • Enthusiastic Employee
  • Passionate Researcher
  • Volunteer Mentor
  • Delighted Customer

It is therefore our priority at Citadel Rock to never underestimate the potential for emergent contribution. We are able to help you:

  • Design for social interaction, to provide a secure and trusted environment for users to interact, build teams, and self-organize
  • Focus the strategy on collaboration, to provide a well-defined framework for process coordination, communication, and knowledge transfer
  • Identify the aspirations of users (e.g. through usage analysis, online surveys/feedback) to offer them the most relevant tools, information, and collaboration opportunities
  • Facilitate "e-commerce" of some sort (could be non-monetary), to help users create value through mutually beneficial exchange
  • Regularly monitor and evaluate the health and growth of a community through Social Network Analysis

Excelling at Understanding the Data

Great! You now have an Online Community, but do you really understand it?

  • Who are the important people in your network of users? Who are the knowledge brokers?
  • How to discover important contributors in your community that you do not know of?
  • Who can you approach to take on additional leadership or responsibility?
  • Has your network grown over time, and how effective is it in encouraging collaboration?
  • How effective are each of your site features in creating value for your users?
  • How can you keep account of the value of social or intellectual capital generated through the use of your site?

By applying Social Network Analysis, we are able to answer these questions. Steps can be taken to:

  • Make system changes to reflect new organizational dynamics
  • Develop custom user interfaces to facilitate users' ongoing collaboration
  • Modify content management frameworks to organize increasing volumes of content

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